Wednesday, February 4, 2015

China Glaze Road Trip

I was happy to greet the Fed Ex man at the door yesterday because I knew exactly what he was bringing me - China Glaze's lovely new spring collection which I purchased for a very good price here.
 Since I am still in the process of moving and without my nail art supplies, the only way I could think of to get creative was to do a multiple color gradient across my nails with five of the shades from the Road Trip Ready half of the collection. In order from my thumbnail to my pinky they are: I Brake for Colour, Pinking Out the Window, Wanderlust, Boho Blues, and Dashboard Dreamer.
Dashboard Dreamer was the shade I had picked as my favorites before I got these, when looking at swatches of the collection. As I presumed it would be, it's like an opaque version of Sinful Colors Cinderella. I think it would make a good base for that polish. It didn't disappoint me, but out of these five shades, Wanderlust is actually my favorite. It looks a little more pink than purple on the nail, due to its nice warm shimmer. The formula was nice and smooth. Pinking Out the Window is my least favorite. It's not because there's anything wrong with it I just don't think it's a good shade of pink for my skin tone.
Boho Blues has the best formula of the creme shades. The others didn't self level very well and were a little bit streaky. But after three coats, all of these polishes look really good. I'm excited to try the rest of the collection.

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