Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tamagotchi Nails #7

This manicure was inspired by my Umino Tamagotchi, which is the Japanese version of the Tamagotchi Ocean. Of all the Tamas I have, this one is one that I specifically picked out the shell because it's just flippin' cool. I mean, a clear shell? So you can see all the inside parts? Amazing!

So clearly I had to do a negative space mani to emulate the clear plastic shell.

For my index finger accent nail I decided to hop on the beach/ocean nail trend that's catching on these days. This was my first attempt at the alcohol spray effect. I used 70% alcohol. I intend to do more tests with hairspray, hand sanitizer, etc to see what different effects can be achieved.

Polishes and plates used: Sinful Colors Grecian Sun, OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Konad spacial polish in white, and Moyou UK Sailor 03.

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