Friday, October 10, 2014

Lime green with feathers

This is my first attempt at a feather manicure. I bought these feathers from When I looked up pictures of other feather manis online I was kind of surprised that nealy all of them had the fibers of the feathers pointing up towards the wearer's hands. To me, it seemed like this would make it hard ot apply a top coat and that the top coat brush would pull the fiber back. So, I decided to try applying the feathers in both directions.
As it turns out, my worries were totally untrue. The feather applied "upside down" to my right middle finger nail looks a lot better and was easier to apply. On my left ring finger, you can see that the fibers got a little bit wobbly plus it was really hard to trim the bottom to match the curve of my cuticle afterwards. Lesson learned.

Polishes used: Essie The More the Merrier and Kleancolor Black Out

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