Friday, October 24, 2014

Reverse glitter gradient

Last night I had this scary dream that I'd cut all of my nails really short. Then, in the dream, I thought to myself "This is a dream. I'm sure if I wake up, my nails will be fine". So then I DREAMED that I woke up, opened my eyes and saw that my nails were indeed all short. I could even feel pain on my right middle finger where I'd cut that one too short. It was so scary that I actually woke up with a start, realized I'd only dreamt I had woken up the first time, then felt my nails and discovered they were all fine. I tell you, man, I have some really weird, vivid dreams. Like the recurring theme of my bottom front teeth falling out. I get this one at least twice a month.
Anyway, I tried for the first time here to do a reverse glitter gradient. It didn't turn out as well as some pictures I've seen, but for my first attempt, I think it's ok. Also, the glitter polish I was using was sort of thick, so that made it harder. I first did a sheer french manicure to enhance the look of my nails then added a few blue and purple crystals over the glitter for extra dimension.

Polishes used: An unnamed shade from Organic Farm Shine Plus nail (cheap Korean polish), Essie limo-scene, China Glaze White Cap and Hard Candy Party Central.

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