Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dusky purple with gold beads

I hate striping tape. Like, really hate it. It NEVER works well when I try to leave it on my nail, and when it comes to using it to paint over, it usually comes out messy. It also seems like all the striping tape I have is narrower than other people's. I wish I could find some that was 2mm wide. Wider stripes would look so much better.
That being said, this is the most success I've had with using it. Some parts still got a little smudgy, but top coat helped to cover it. This is also my first time trying caviar beads. While I don't like them as a full coverage nail decoration, as accents they are pretty. Or at least they will be until they fall off, which I'm expecting to happen before tomorrow. But since I got six tiny jars of different colors for only 1,000 won at Daiso, it was worth it just to try them.

Also, after breaking three nails I decided to cut them all, which I hate doing as I believe my nails look better the longer they are. I like the square tips look on other people, but I don't know if it works for me. I think my nails are too narrow, or maybe the curve of my cuticles is too deep. 

Polishes used: Essie Ladylike and Chine Glaze Below Deck.

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