Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Birthday Nails

Doing a manicure based on my astrological sign wasn't something that ever really occurred to me until I discovered Moyou London and their line of zodiac themed plates. After eagerly awaiting the release of the Sagittarius plate (my sign) I was disappointed because I didn't really like it. So I took it upon myself to do some research on my sign, specifically the symbolism linked to my birth date, and created my own December 21st themed nail art. I don't usually do manicures with different designs on each nail, but after watching the first season of Nail'd It, I felt inspired to do so.

The white arrow on my right index finger is the symbol of the archer, and the symbol on my right ring finger is for Jupiter, my birthday's ruling planet. The colors purple, pink, and red ane supposedly significant to Sagittarians. The teal blue color represents the December birthstone, blue topaz. The rest I did in assorted dots and sparkly designs. Sorry for the weird hand poses! When we move to our new apartment in a couple of months I plan to build a suitable lightbox and get a tripod, but for now I'm having to struggle to take pictures with my phone in the daylight. Overall I enjoyed this manicure and I'd like to do more themed ones like this in the future.

Polishes used (it's a huge list): By Kleancolor - Disco Ball, Vegas Night, Starry Purple, Pinky Moon, Metallic Fuschia; Essie - Play Date, BK Candy color polishes in #8 and #11, Konad special polishes in black and white, and Shine Plus Nail from Organic Farm. If there's a shade name, I don't know what it is because it's in Korean. :)

Stamping plates used are SH14 (arrow) and Moyou Sailor collection 03 (swirly pattern).

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