Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Glitter

Here is my festive wintery glitter nail look. This was my first successful attempt at doing a stamping sticker (the snowflake). I used this method, rather than stamping it directly, because my stamper is white. I have asked my husband for a MM rectangular purple stamper for Christmas, though, so hopefully I'll have that one to play with soon. :)
The white glitter polish I used is Etude House Play polish #102. As soon as I saw it in the store, I wanted it. I have a plain white glitter in my collection already, but I'd never seen one like this, with iridescent shimmers in it. It really looks very snowy and it was only ₩3,500 (about $3).

I also recently received the Kleancolor glitter set from amazon. Some of the polishes are awesome, some are just average, but with the price averaging out to around $1.40 per bottle, it's definitely worth getting. The only problem with this one, called Starry Blue, is of course there's not a lot of glitter payoff in it, but  think that's always to be expected with cheaper (American) glitter polishes.

Polishes used: Kleancolor polishes in Metallic Aqua, Metallic White, and Starry Blue, Etude Play polish in #102 and Konad special polish in white with image plate SH17. Also, here is the link for the Kleancolor glitter polish set, if anyone is interested.

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