Thursday, January 1, 2015

Knockoff Moyou plate test

Recently I ordered a few of the KO Moyou plates on ebay. When I received them I discovered that you really do get what you pay for. I had to request a refund for one, the copy of Fairytale plate 12, because the cowardly lion's whiskers were just round splotches on his face. So these pictures here aren't meant to be displaying a manicure with which I was happy, it's just to show what results I got from using one of these plates.
The plate I decided to try first was Xiuya02, a copy of Moyou's Fairytale plate 03.
I wanted to use the lightning bolt design, but when I tried it out I was disappointed to find that the image wouldn't pick up. It also dried very fast on the stamper. If you look at this plate closely, the bolts aren't even completely etched in all the way over. I tried multiple times with different polishes, with no luck. Maybe not every plate is made like this, so YMMV. I had the same problem with the circles design to the left of the bolts. Another flaw on this plate are random little pits or specks all over the surface.
Here I've tested a few areas on the plate. I used the Moyou XL squishy stamper and Konad special black. The worst one is the bottom right, one of the dragon's wings. Here's what it's supposed to look like:
On my plate, the fine lines within this design look spotty and not fully etched.

Moving on, I decided that I would have the most luck with the swirly pattern in between the dragon's and horse's faces. It looked the most well etched in the plate, smooth and deeper than the others. However, the darkness of my base color combined with the shimmery metallic I used to stamp make it hard to see the design, so I'm sorry for that.

Polishes used for the final look are Orly Smoked out and Kleancolor Metallic Green. Overall with these plates, don't expect the quality you'd get from a genuine Moyou plate. If there's a plate you really want, save up your money and get the real thing. I don't make a lot of money and don't have a lot to spend on nail stuff, which is why I thought these plates would be a good deal, but they're not nearly as nice as I was hoping they would be.

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