Friday, January 9, 2015

Light purple and copper stamping

A little while back I bought a couple of the Revlon parfumerie polishes, and I really dug them, so I bought several more with my Christmas money. So far of the ones I've tried, Wintermint is my favorite. I got these for the cute bottles more than the scents, but man, Wintermint smells good. The first one I tried was Autumn Spice and I was not a fan of that scent at all. I was happy when it washed off in the shower the next day.
Anyhoo, for this manicure I used Lavender Soap. I was a little bit worried about the scent of this one because I can't stand lavender, but it mostly smells like soap and fabric softener, so I was ok with it. Unfortunately the formula of this polish wasn't that great. It went on really streaky and even after three coats, some areas still weren't totally covered, but I figured the stamping would help to hide it.
Speaking of stamping, I got the Pueen Encore collection with an Amazon gift card gifted to me by my brother. I really like these plates. They came in a lovely little booklet with plastic pages in which to store them. This was my first attempt at doing a multicolor "sticker" or decal stamp. It didn't come out perfectly, and when I topcoated it it got covered in air bubbles. >:/ But I'm hoping to get better at that technique with practice.

Polishes used: Revlon Parfumerie in Lavender Soap, Essie - Penny Talk and China Glaze - Urban Night, and design stamped with Pueen plate SE03A

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