Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nautical nonsense

I found these cute sea critter decals at a 100 Yen store recently and decided to do a nautical themed manicure to incorporate them. This was my first attempt at double stamping, though I made stamp "decals" for the red anchor tips because I knew I'd never get them lined up right if I tried to stamp them on directly. Also I tried using my new Kand stamping polish in red (some cheap stuff off ebay) and I couldn't get the design to pick up, no matter which of my four stampers I tried. I was getting frustrated, thinking it was the stampers or the plate that wasn't working, then it occurred to me that it could be the polish. So I tried CG Hey Sailor and wouldn't you know it, it came out perfectly on 3 of my 4 stampers (the fourth being my oldest, firm cheap one I bought first before squishy stampers were a thing).

Polishes and plates used: China Glaze Hey Sailor, Kleancolor Holo Blue, Teal Marble, and Shooting Star, Essie Parka Perfect and Find Me An Oasis, and Born Pretty Holo Polish #7; TIAN XIN - 20 (Moyou KO) for anchor tips, Cheeky jumbo plate B for wave design.

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