Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tamagotchi Nails #3

Third in my series of Tamagotchi inspired manicures, this one is styled after my Connection v4.5. While I own tama models older than this one, i decided to do this challenge with the Tamagotchis in the order that I got them, not by their release dates. Why? Because I'm lazy and it's easier for me to remember when I bought these instead of looking up all their specific releases. :)
If I had my pick of any of the v4.5 shells, it wouldn't be this one. I found this tama on sale in the toy section of a Ross, and it was either the only one they had or the better or whatever few options they did have. I don't remember. Anyway, it's weird. I mean, celery green and maroon? Who puts those colors together? And that black tribal looking design is so dated.

The weirdness of the shell gave me a lot of trouble at first. I couldn't figure out what to do. Then I remembered I had these little star shaped gems that are the perfect green color. But for me to use them, I couldn't have the green as my main base color. Once I decided to use the maroon as my base, it all came together.

Sadly, both of my thumbnails have broken off. My nail are at that length where they've just started to look good, and now they're going to start breaking one by one until I have four or so broken ones and decide it's time to cut them all. But for now, since it's just my thumbs, it doesn't look too bad and I decided to make use of their "differentness" and use them as my accent nails. The stars came out messy though because I used regular craft stickers to paint around. I didn't realize until I did this manicure how much I'm lacking in star stamping plate designs. Anyhoo, this is my favorite so far of my first three tama inspired manicures. I left off the top coat at first because I liked the contrast between the shiny maroon and the matte stamping, but then I added one because I didn't want the stars to snag my hair in the shower, and it still looked pretty good.

Polishes and plates used: China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions, Orly Green Apple, Sinful Colors, Just a Pinch, Essie Licorice, and Konad special polish in black with plate XIUYA-02.

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