Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tamagotchi Nails #2

This is the second in my series of manicures inspired by my Tamagotchis. It was based on my other vintage tama I got as a kid, my Angel. American Tamagotchi Angels are fairly rare and somewhat valuable these days, so I feel lucky to have one. Unfortunately the screws are stripped and won't come out, so I can't put new batteries in it.
This manicure gave me hell. I had way too much trouble just trying to get a good base of yellow. I think China Glaze should have just marketed their entire Up & Away collection as stamping polishes, because that's all most of them are any good for. I tried using Lemon Fizz (which I realized is the only pastel yellow I have in my polish collection) and I just couldn't get it to look good. It was still streaky after three coats. So I decided to start over with Orly Melodious Utopia, which I like because the pink shimmer makes it so pretty, but it too was giving me opacity problems. So I started over AGAIN with a beige undercoat, but it still took four coats of the Orly Polish for it to look decent. I covered it with a pearl polish to make it lighter and more like the finish on the tama shell.
Eventually I got to the embellishment stage and I kind of wish I hadn't. I don't like the three pearl buttons and the black stars seems out of place. I left my left hand plain, and I think it looks better. Less really is more sometimes, I guess! This stamp is actually from a bird themed plate, but I think it worked just fine as an angel wing. :)

Polishes and plates used: Orly Melodious Utopia, Tony Moly Fantasy Edition Tonynail Snow SF08, Essie Penny Talk, and Moyou Tropical collection 05.

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